Food Inc

This film is about food industry and modern agriculture. In the film, most people say that most food in supermarket is not safe for your health. Food companies have too much power in modern society and also they give warning like foods that made in factory are food. That is just product for money. Company and government cooperate with each other for only money such as company use genetic manipulation and also government let them do that in law. That mean is that food is not work as a food that keep health body and emotion condition. Furthermore, big supermarkets get rid of chance to get fresh food from local agriculture. This situation can remind me the book called Food Rules by Pollan. She also worried about same problems in our life. We are not get a fresh food near house easily because food industry. At the beginning of the film, most of screens also show same kinds of issue and problem in modern society. Both of materials deal with dangerous foods that made from factories. Moreover, the movie and book give us similar solutions like getting food such as avoid foods that contain lots of sugar. Getting food from store that have local foods in good environment. If we think about these solution before we get food, It will change us more heather and better than before.


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