The Intricacies Of French Cuisine

If there is one thing in this class that has been reiterated over and over again by food fanatics and chefs alike it has been the difficulty of french cooking, There are so many rules and difficult recipes and ways of preparing and presenting the meal. Not only does this make me never want to ever attempt the task of making a french meal but it also makes me realize that if someone was to go through the trouble of preparing something like this for me i would be so overwhelmed with the knowledge of the time and effort it took to make the meal that i would be too anxious to even ingest it. Watching films like Babette’s Feast and Haute Cuisine portray the chefs in the kitchen as artists totally skilled at their craft. The act itself seems to become more of a beautiful dance and performance than a task at hand. Despite the agronomical cost and difficulty the process seems to be fully enjoyed by both the chef and the eater of the meal. Having said all of this and thought it through maybe I owe it to myself to attempt a proper French meal after all.

-Molly grompone

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